AfterLive Books Worth Reading Video – Keith Parson

Dr Keith Parson gives a list of a few books he recommends, some on his list are here at Soulful Books, and others are now on my To-Read list. (Note to self, maybe I should build a To-Read list on this website, so then I could link to it from here).

Keith gives a little detail about each book, and read a few excerpts from some, but if you don’t want to watch the video here is the list of his recommend books.

Keith’s recommended Websites

Keith has done a series of videos detailing different accounts of NDEs, Reincarnation, Mediums and other paranormal experiences. You can watch his play list here: Keith Parson’s 21 videos

Or see other related playlists

Or view the website of the YouTube channel which has all of Keith’s videos

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