Proof of Life – Sheila Lowe

Proof of Life is a work of Fiction which will be available for purchase May 7th 2019. I was privileged to have an advance PDF copy of the book to read in exchange for a review on Amazon. Since I am not able to review on Amazon yet below is my review.

In the opening prologue the main character, Jessica, experiences a NDE, though the author doesn’t name it as such, I guess, it’s because Jessica does not know anything about NDEs, so we the reader along with the character get to explore the results as Jessica develops into a Medium.

In this marvellous book, the main character after her NDE, has a closer connection with the afterlife, and she becomes a developing Medium. As a reader we get to journey with her as she comes to terms with what this means, and what the choices are around these new abilities.

I have been fascinated with the afterlife for many years, and I have very much enjoyed this well researched novel exploring the spiritual side of life. The experiences Jessica goes through are accurately portrayed, similar to what I have read about other real-life Mediums.

As someone who is interested in the afterlife, NDEs and Mediums, I found that I wanted to find out what happens next, which lead me to read the entire book in a day. Even without the spiritual elements it is a great story, with a fast moving plot and well rounded characters. 

I highly recommend this book for anyone, if you already have a interest in spiritual matters, you will enjoy the portrayal of someone learning to be a Medium. If you currently don’t have any interest in spiritual things, maybe this book will ignite a spark that will encourage you to learn more.

I see that since I read Proof of Life Sheila has added “A Beyond the Veil Mystery” to the front cover of this book. This is book two in this series, book one is “What She Saw” also by Sheila Lowe.

Sheila kindly sent me a copy of What She Saw to read before I read Proof of Life. I read both books, in one weekend, and I enjoyed them very much.

What She Saw is a psychological thriller exploring what it is like to have no memory. A great read before Proof of Life, but not required if you want to focus on the more spiritual book Proof of Life.

Because I had received Proof of Life first, I had opened the PDF and read the prologue. In the prologue Sheila had described a NDE which had enticed me straight into the book and I very much wanted to read it, but I wanted to read  What She Saw first. So I waited for the PDF of What She Saw and I read it in a day on Saturday and followed that with Proof of Life on the Sunday. IE: I think that both books fit into the category of “I have to read the next page, I can’t put it down”.

I found out about the opportunity to get a advance copy of Proof of Life from Victor & Wendy Zammit weekly newsletter.

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Finished Reading 29 & 30 Jan 2019


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