The 3 Paths of Spiritual Growth

Tom Campbell’s YouTube channel is full of really great videos, and I have to restrain myself from flooding my blog with many of them.
But this one on “The 3 Paths of Spiritual Growth” is really great.

The Three paths are:

  1. Path of Surrender or Religious/Tantric path
  2. Path of Service
  3. Path of the Warrior or Yogic Path
Tom Campbell: The 3 Paths of Spiritual Growth
A watching tip: Most of Tom’s videos just consist of Tom talking, so you can put the video on and just listen to the audio. Also I find that Tom’s speech is clear enough to listen to at double speed, so an hour long video is only 30 mins.

Many of his videos are long, (and some of them get repetitive, repeating stuff in other videos), but this one has a lot of great specifics about being on the Path.

Tom mentions the idea that people get to a stage on their path when they think that the have completed their spiritual growth and feel that they are “DONE“. Here is a nice short video about evaluating yourself if you think you are “DONE“.

Tom Campbell: Enlightenment; Is There an End Game?

To know more about Tom Campell, see my review of his book My Big Toe or my other posts featuring Tom Campbell.

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