The Vegetarian Myth – Lierre Keith

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I just finished re-reading this fascinating book which I originally read many years ago. I can’t remember if it was this book which saved me from being a “Vegetarian”. My recollection of when I did my 18 months as a vegetarian is that it was before this book was published in 2009. My motivation to be a vegetarian was spiritual. I kept reading in lots of different places that to be spiritual and to be treading the spiritual paths one needed to be a vegetarian, (and a vegan was even better). My excursion into vegetarianism only lasted 18 months as my health slowly deteriorated, and my wife encouraged me to start eating meat again. She had been doing lots of reading and found that my body and blood type were not ideally suited to being a vegetarian, and that the symptoms I was having (constant tiredness, and not being able to get warm (which I still suffer from occasionally)) were all detailed as side effects of a vegetarian diet.

I was stimulated to re-read this book from watching a very interesting YouTube post from a lady, Amphianda, who has had a NDE talking about Veganism.

NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE WISDOM. Is Veganism the intended way for humans to eat?

For more great videos from Amphianda visit her YouTube Chanel.

This video was a fantastic relief for me, as I have been continually struggling with the argument within myself of choosing to be a meat eater or a vegetarian. For health reasons I have continued to choose to eat meat.

Even the Ageless Wisdom books I study have conflicting ideas on vegetarianism. One of the benefits I have received by reading all 24 of the Books by Alice Baily is to have come across some of these contradictions.
If you do a search on the Lucis Trust website of the Ageless Wisdom Books for the word vegetarian you will get 19 results. Some of these results state that to be someone working towards initiation to become a disciple you need to be a vegetarian. But some of the results say otherwise. I am not going to included all 19 results here, just one specific example, which has given me much to think about. You can read all 19 for yourself at this Link.

Those who seek to read the akashic records, or who endeavour to work upon the astral plane with impunity, and there to study the reflection of events in the astral light correctly, have perforce and without exception to be strict vegetarians.  It is this ancient Atlantean lore which lies behind the vegetarian’s insistence upon the necessity for a vegetarian diet, and which gives force and truth to this injunction.  …

… Only those who have been for ten years strict vegetarians can work thus in what might be called the “record aspect of the astral light”. … 

… But unless the goal of a vegetarian diet is this field of service, the arguments for its following and for that form of diet are usually futile and of no real moment. 

From: Esoteric Psychology Vol I.
But unless the goal of a vegetarian diet is this field of service, the arguments for its following and for that form of diet are usually futile and of no real moment.

Back to the book, The Vegetarian Myth.

In re-reading this book I realise it is much more than just about about Vegetarianism. It includes looking at the problems of industrial agriculture, peak oil, climate change, and a number of other challenges we face on our planet. It features quotes from a number of my other favorite authors, who don’t feature on this website, as their topics are about the damage we are doing to our mother earth. It is through reading books about the destruction of the planet, which has helped lead me to this more spiritual life which I am, hopefully, helping others to explore. The book does not look specifically at the spiritual motive to be a vegetarian, but covers most of the other motives.

I would highly recommend this book to Vegetarians and non-Vegetarians. Everyone can learn from the lessons in this book.


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