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In early March 2019 I did a weekend workshop with William Meader. At that workshop, William proposed that we should all be familiar with the writings of Master Morya, and suggested we read Agni Yoga.

The reasoning behind this recommendation came from Michael Robins who, like William, is also a Student/Teacher of the Ageless Wisdom.

Michael’s reasoning is: In the late 1800s Helena Blavatsky worked as an amanuensis for the Spiritual Hierarchy and brought through the 1st wave of New Revelation of the Ageless Wisdom. In the early 1900s, Alice Baily worked as an amanuensis for Djwal Khul bringing through the 2nd wave of the New Revelation of the Ageless Wisdom. At that time the Theosophical Society, founded by Helena Blavatsky, rejected the writings of Djwal Khul through Alice Baily. In the books written by Alice Baily, there is a reference to the 3rd wave of New Revelation that is to come via Master Morya sometime early this century.

Michael suggests that since the 2nd wave was from a different source than the 1st wave, that the people of the Theosophical Society didn’t recognise the 2nd wave as being valid. Michael’s suggestion is for us to become familiar with the style of Master Morya’s writing so that we recognise the 3rd wave when it arrives.

Based on Michael’s suggestion, William suggested that the book Angi Yoga would be good to read as it is Master Morya’s work through the amanuensis of Helena Roerich.

You can read Agni Yoga online at the Agni Yoga Society website, ( or download it in a couple of e-reader formats.

I have only rated this book 4 stars as it is a hard read, similar to much of the Ageless Wisdom teaching, but I would still recommend it to anyone who is interested in taking further steps down the spiritual path, or to be familiar with the writing style of Master Morya.

Finished Reading 4 April 2019


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