Journeys out of the Body – Robert A. Monroe

Journeys out of the Body cover
Gold Key

I read this book originally in 2012. After reading Robert Monroe’s Biography Journey of Robert Monroe I was inspired to re-read Robert’s 3 books. When I first read this book I was still a doubter, I did not yet believe in the afterlife, and so I discarded a lot of the information in the book. But reading it a 2nd time now in a place of believing in the afterlife, I have found this book to be amazing. If you want to get an idea on what to expect after you die, read this book.

I was so glad I decided to re-read this book, as there was so much information which I did not assimilate the 1st time, I wasn’t ready or I did not have an open enough mind.

Included in this book is a chapter with a list of steps to take so you can have an Out of Body Experiences (OBE) of your own. It is not a quick and easy process, but if you take the time and do the steps Robert assures all of us can have a OBE.

Since I have also read Tom Campbell’s book My Big Toe in which Tom details his early years at the Monroe institute learning to have a OBE and then going of on many a journey of his own exploring the spiritual space that is all around us. Through these experiences Tom has produce a Theory of Everything (TOE), which he details in his book.

Here is the back cover with some more info.

Click for larger view.

Finished reading 2nd May 2019


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