Dying to be ME – Anita Moorjani

My journey from cancer, to near death, to true healing.

Dying to be ME - Anita Moorjani - My journey from cancer, to near death, to true healing.
Gold Key

In this, I now realise, second reading of Dying to be me, I have discovered another Key book.
This is a profoundly important book, the messages from Anita around healing and a deeper understanding of why we are here on the planet are very powerful.

In Part I “Seeking the right way” the opening five chapters are background setup of Anita’s life. Many may be tempted to skip straight to the Chapters about the Near-Death Experience, but you would have missed great nuggets of truth like this one from Anita’s mother.

My mother pulled me close and said,
“Don’t be scared, Beta, No one really knows the truth – not even Sister Mary. Religion is just a path for finding truth: Religion is not truth. It is just a path. And different people follow different paths.”

(Beta is Anita’s nickname).

In Part II Anita details her “Journey to death and back“, covering her 4 year battle with cancer and her miraculous recovery.

This book details a modern medical miracle, Anita’s healing is truly a miracle, it has all the Doctors stumped. A skeptical oncologist travelling to examine the medical records, saying firstly

“my intention was to scrutinize her clinical history, and to either validate or invalidate her claims.”

After examining her medical record’s and talking to the local medical staff he said

“he’d never come across a case of a full remission from such an advanced stage of cancer, let alone at such a rapid rate.”

and he also said to Anita

“Lady, whichever way I look at it, you should be dead!”

Many of us have read of miracle’s in the bible and have come to believe that they are only part of a parable and not really true, me included, but I now have come to realise that there are many examples of miracles in modern times, (lots of them are in books I have reviewed on this site).
Anita’s story of her 4 year battle with cancer, to be followed by quick and complete healing is an example of a modern miracle.
The medical team were planning to do reconstructive surgery on Anita’s skin lesions because they were

“so wide and deep, that they wouldn’t heal without intervention”

but by the time she was fit enough for the reconstructive surgery, Anita no longer needed the surgery.

I was planning on pulling lots more quotes from the book to highlight the important messages around healing that Anita received as a result of her NDE, but I realised that to provide the complete message I would nearly be quoting the whole book. So I decided that since this book is such an easy and beautiful read, the best thing is to recommend that you find your own copy and read the whole book yourself.

In Part III “What Anita has come to understand” Anita goes into some deep understandings she received around why she got sick and healed.
And the Chapters I really enjoyed, 17 “Infinite Selves and Universal Energy” and 17 “Allowing and Being Yourself”.
I am not going to detail any more about these chapters as the understanding of them really comes from reading the first 15 chapters of her book, so I am going to encourage you to find a copy of this book and read it.

I highly recommend that you purchase your own copy of this book, as I believe you will want to read it and re-read it to continue to get its powerful message and to re-frame your own beliefs around healing and why we are each here on the planet.

Visit anitamoorjani.com for more books by Anita.

Finished Reading 24th July 2019.

Dying to be Me Back Cover

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