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How Do we beat Covid-19?

The SIMPLE solution to a complex problem!


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I have gather together some videos and articles which support the idea to beat Covid-19 Everybody should wear a mask in public.

If you resonate with this message, please visit my new website, scroll to the bottom of the page and share this message to save lives.



Here is one of the video’s which inspired me.

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2 thoughts on “New Website:”

  1. Even ‘if’ giving everyone masks would work, let’s say we gave every person in the world one fresh mask per day. We would need 7.53 billion masks everyday. Say we have a factory that can make one mask per second AND deliver that mask in that second to some persom. That’s 86,400 masks each day made and delivered. Let’s say there are 100 factories that can make AND deliver masks that fast. Then we have 8,640,000 masks made and delivered each day by the 100 factories. But since there’s 7.53 billion people waiting for their masks and given that rate of manufacturing and delivery each day , for 7.53 billion people, expecting to receive 8,640,000 masks per day, would find it actually takes 871 days or 2.4 years to deliver one day’s worth of masks to the whole World’s population.

    Let’s say in American we decide to screw everyone else and horde all the 100 factory’s production and delivery for ourselves. It would still take 331 million people 38 days to deliver the one day ration to all Americans.


    1. Hi MtnGoat,

      Thanks for your comment, the suggestion is for people to make their own re-usable masks, self sufficiency not dependance, “Google how to make a face mask” and you will find may ways to make masks from a simple mask made from a paper towel , to sewing a mask that can take an insert to make it nearly up to the protection of a surgical mask. See this post.


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