About Soulful Books

Over the years I have read lots of books that have help me to develop an idea of what the purpose of life is. Many have been useful and some have not. As I have looked for books, I have searched for list of recommended books, and now I have decided to develop my own list of recommended books. I plan, in time, to write a short paragraph about each book, but for now I will just start listing the books.

Transparency: If you click any of the Book Cover Images, you will be taken to Amazon.com, where you can purchase the book and I will receive a small income, which I can spend on more books.

I am developing a star system to rank the books. If you have the time I would recommend reading every book I have listed. (I have read other books which are not listed here). The star system will help you pick the Highlights.
The books are ranked 1 to 6 stars.

One star
Two stars
Three stars
Four stars
Five stars
Six stars