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Over the years I have read lots of books that have help me to develop an idea of what the purpose of life is. Many have been useful and some have not. As I have looked for books, I have searched for list of recommended books, and now I have decided to develop my own list of recommended books. These are books that have help me to understand the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom.

One of the reasons I started this blog, is that I was looking for a list of Near Death Experiencers Books, so that I could find any that I had not read. So if you have a look through the books I have read and have any recommendations of a book for me to read and review for this site please Contact Me with your suggestion.

Transparency: If you click most of the Book Cover Images, you will be taken to Amazon.com, where you can purchase the book and I will receive a small income, which I can spend on more books.

I am developing a star system to rank the books. If you have the time I would recommend reading every book I have listed. (I have read other books which are not listed here). The star system will help you pick the Highlights.
The books are ranked 1 to 6 stars. Choose below or to the Right.

The Reappearance of the Christ cover

I am a student of the Ageless Wisdom teachings. I read and study the Alice A. Baily books. The AAB books can be very abstract obtuse and a hard read to be able to get any valuable meaning for ones life. There are a number of teachers and schools whom provide further insight, allowing students to more deeply dive into the AAB books. In talking to other students of the Ageless Wisdom, I find most have a path to the Ageless Wisdom that included many other books which have been more easier to read and digest, like stepping stones on the path.

My Big Toe Cover

I also am fascinated with the work of Tom Campbell starting with his book My Big TOE (Theory of Everything) and watching lots of his videos on his YouTube channel.

I am looking forward to the new Double Slit experiments that Tom is planing for mid to late 2019. Tom had a KickStarter campaign in 2018 and raised $236,590 in funds to do these experiments.

Here is a Video of Tom Talking about his experiments on YouTube

The Center for Unification of Science and Consciousness cusac.org

Tom Campbell’s Website www.my-big-toe.com

Andrew’s Soulful books is my list of stepping stone books that I have read, or have been recommended to me by fellow students.

This planet is peopled with many varieties of people born into different cultures, under different Sun signs, with different Ray and personalities. So my belief is that there are many paths Home (or to God), and that someone’s must read book will be someone else’s dud. Some of my reviews maybe half-hearted about a book, but if it is your favourite please don’t take offense.

If you have a book that you feel should be on this list, please contact me letting me know the title and author, maybe it is a treasure I have not discovered, or maybe I haven’t gotten around to reviewing it yet.

I grew up in a Atheist household, my father was a scientist, and if you couldn’t see it in a microscope, telescope or oscilloscope, then it wasn’t real. Don’t get me wrong my father was amazing, he had a extensive knowledge about many things, and could answer most of my “why” questions as I was growing up. It was just his beliefs that the paranormal didn’t exist.
In my late teens I became involved in the personal growth movement, and did lots of personal growth courses, at first I was looking for self esteem and personal growth, and then later looking more for why are we here.

My 20’s were about Me doing lots of personal growth, in my 30’s I drifted away from the spiritual and focused on life career, and in my late 30 I meet my wife and we started a family.


In 2001 on my birthday some people flew airplanes into buildings. Because I had read Jame Redfields Celestial books, I was aware of paying attention to coincidences in my life. The rational part of me was saying that which ever day of the year they flew planes into towers, it would be on someone birthday, but still, it simulated me into a much more intensive study of spiritualism.

In searching online for spiritual books I came across a website Freeread.com. This website has Book one of The Immortal series, by JJ Derewy.
When I visited the website the Author had only written Book 1 & 2. Book one was free and book 2 was available for purchase. (the Author has since written more books in the series.)

In the introduction, we the reader are asked to make up our own mind as to whether the book is fact or fiction.
In the Immortal, we are introduced to a Character, John, who claims to be over 2000 years old, and is in fact John the Baptist. He has been wandering the earth doing good deeds and trying to steer humanity to be ready for Christ’s return.

This book fascinated me and I joined the Authors online study group. In the study group I discovered that they were studding a book “A Treatise on White Magic” by Alice A Bailey. This was my first introduction to the Ageless Wisdom Teachings. Read more about the Ageless Wisdom books.

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