Proof of God

Proof of God

The Title of this book is a bit of attention-grabbing. On reading about this book it seemed to have a lot of promise, but I found that it was more about the writer Ptolemy Tompkins and less about the conviction that the Physicist Bernard Haisch had come to through his work and study in physics. There have been a number of physicists who have been convinced of the existence of something more beyond what we experience in the material world. Having Bernard Haisch join their numbers is great, but the book title implied that more than this was discovered, and in this, the book was a disappointment. Thou this book has encouraged me to look up the books by Bernard Haisch, which are now on my “To Read” list.

Finished reading 22 May 2019.


The boy who came back from heaven – Kevin & Alex Malarkey

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In this book a 6 year old boy is in a terrible car wreck, with his father. He has a NDE, and stays connected with the after life whilst in Hospital, seeing angles and having miraculous healing. I did enjoy this book, but was disappointed to find on the internet that the boy, now grown up, has recanted his side of the story, claiming he made it all up. So does this mean this whole book should now be thrown away? I don’t know, but maybe if we read it as a piece of fiction it can still be a useful book.

Finished Reading 7 Feb 2019


Beyond the Himalayas – Murdo MacDonald-Bayne

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Beyond the Himalayas is a personal account of the awakening spirituality within the author through his soul-changing encounters with spiritual Masters in Tibet and throughout the Himalayas. This story creates a rich tapestry against the background of the mighty Himalayas at a time when Tibet was a free country prior to the Chinese invasion in 1950 and the subsequent destruction of more than 6,000 monasteries and learning centres. This pilgrimage led to the author’s rich and fulfilled life as healer, author and lecturer which has inspired thousands all over the world to this day. Mentored by many great lamas in monasteries throughout Tibet and the Himalayas, Dr MacDonald-Bayne gives the reader a pristine view of an uncluttered spirituality unaffected by dogma and formality. Written towards the end of the author’s life it remains a classic in metaphysical writing, a quality shared by its equally famous sequel, The Yoga of the Christ.

Beyond the Himalayas
Buy Beyond the Himalayas at

Buy Beyond the Himalayas at

Read June 2018

Randi’s Prize – Robert Mcluhan

This is a great book written by a open skeptic.
A skeptic who was willing to look at the evidence and dig deep to get to the answers. Robert looked into why many skeptic’s are just not willing to look at the evidence, and will go to extreme lengths to be able to keep their world view. Near the end of the book he looked at the implications of accepting the possibility of PSI and survival after death.

Finished Reading 16 August 2018

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