Beyond mile marker 80 – Jeff Olsen

This is follow on from Jeff’s 1st book I Knew their Hearts. It is a continuation of his autobiographical story from where he left off in the previous book.

See also Not Yet.

Finished reading 16 Feb 2019


i knew their hearts – Jeff Olsen

i knew their hearts cover

Jeff Olsen was in a car crash in which he lost his wife and youngest son. At the time of the accident, he died, had a NDE and saw his dead wife’s soul. His wife encouraged him to go back for his older son. This book is part autobiographical, so you need to get through those details before you get to the NDE part of the story, it is good setup information.

See also Beyond Mile marker 80 and Not Yet.

Finished Reading 11 Feb 2019


The boy who came back from heaven – Kevin & Alex Malarkey

The boy who came back from heaven cover image

In this book a 6 year old boy is in a terrible car wreck, with his father. He has a NDE, and stays connected with the after life whilst in Hospital, seeing angles and having miraculous healing. I did enjoy this book, but was disappointed to find on the internet that the boy, now grown up, has recanted his side of the story, claiming he made it all up. So does this mean this whole book should now be thrown away? I don’t know, but maybe if we read it as a piece of fiction it can still be a useful book.

Finished Reading 7 Feb 2019


The 24 Books of Esoteric Philosophy – By Djwhal Khul through Alice A. Bailey.

The Reappearance of the Christ Cover
Many religions today expect the coming of an Avatar or Saviour. The second coming of the Christ, as the world Teacher for the age of Aquarius, is presented in this book as an imminent event, logical and practical in the continuity of divine revelation throughout the ages. The Christ belongs to all mankind; he can be known and understood as “the same great Identity in all the world religions.”

One of the main reasons for this website is for me to share books I have found useful in understanding the universe from a spiritual perspective.

I first was introduced to the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom in 2000 or 2001. Since then I have become a student of the Ageless Wisdom studying these 24 books off and on for the last 18 years or so. (I say off and on because during the middle of the 18 years, I stopped studying these books for a number of years and have only re-started 3 years ago.)

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Proof of Life – Sheila Lowe

Proof of Life is a work of Fiction which will be available for purchase May 7th 2019. I was privileged to have an advance PDF copy of the book to read in exchange for a review on Amazon. Since I am not able to review on Amazon yet below is my review.

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Other Planets – Emanuel Swedenborg

This is the 2nd Emanuel Swedenborg title I have read. Again the writings are hard to digest, but I did find the parts that I understood fascinating. Swedenborg put forward the idea that there are spiritual beings living on some of the other planets in our solar system and he visits and talks to them. He also visits and talks to some spiritual beings living on planets outside of our solar system. Some of the ideas of the spiritual beings make you think.

As I said in my previous post about Emanuel Swedenborg

“I have given this book 5 stars. Though I found it hard to read, and much of it obtuse, I still found lots of value in the parts that I could understand, and I want to continue to learn about Emanuel Swedenborg.”

Finished Reading 3 Feb 2019


Tibetan Meditation – Samdhong Rinpoche

I was recommended this book to help with my Meditation practice. I have been meditating for 3 years (or attempting to). I have been struggling to know what is the best practice (the right style for me) as there are so many different styles of meditation being promoted. This book Tibetan Meditation (also published under the title of Buddhist Meditation) provides a lot of useful information about meditation, but be warned it sets very high standards. If I was to put all the suggestions into practice, I would have a very changed life and lifestyle. So this book has given me some new standards to aim to live by. If you are struggling with your meditation, this book may help. It may be a bit too much for a beginner, and other Meditation books may be more helpful, but a beginner who is willing to just take it one step at a time may find this book very useful.

Finished reading 1 Feb 2019