Far Journeys – Robert A. Monroe

Far Journeys - Robert A. Monroe
Gold Key

As I said in my review of Robert Monroe’s Biography Journey of Robert Monroe, “it has inspired me to re-read Journeys out of the Body, Far Journeys and Ultimate Journey, Robert Monroe’s 3 books”. They are a Must Read.

This is the 2nd of Robert’s books. Due to my life circumstances, when I am writing this review, I have also finished reading the 3rd of Roberts’s 3 books, Ultimate Journey. So this review is really of all three books. I think that they should be treated as a Trilogy, in fact, this is how Amazon is now considering them, they are the “Journeys Trilogy”. I think that all 3 books are a Must Read as they provide lots of information on the spiritual dimensions that are all around us that we mostly don’t see.

I now recognise that these 3 books contributed to me starting to believe in the After-Life. From reading these books I now feel I am more prepared for what happens to me when I die. I now believe that there is an After-Life, that what we experience when we die is very much dependant on what our beliefs are. That the more I understand about Life the Universe and everything, the more extensive my life experience, the more my After-life will be expanded. So I guess this is why I have read all the different books that I have listed on this Soulful Blog, and why I am encouraging you as a reader of this blog to go READ. Read books that are listed on this blog, read other books I have never heard of and if you find a good one let me know about it.

I have decided to add a new category to my blog posts “Key Book”. This so I can highlight the books I have read that have, in my opinion, the most useful information. This category is slightly different than my 6-star category, in that some of my 6-star books are not Key, and some of the Key books won’t be 6 stars.

When reading Roberts books, please remember that the information in these books has come through the filter of Robert Monroe’s mind, his culture, his religious beliefs and his life experience.

Finished reading May 2019.

Far Journeys - Robert A. Monroe - back cover

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